The Field Skillet is a meticulously designed smoother, lighter cast iron pan reminiscent of the best vintage American skillets—but with a modern twist. This is your new everyday pan and it will get continuously better the more you use it.

From crispy roasted vegetables, to flakey pie crusts, to a perfectly seared steak, cast iron's heat retention and knack for developing a natural non-stick surface benefits nearly every kind of cooking. A cast iron skillet is capable, durable, and at home in most any context. Braise over hot coals. Simmer on the latest induction cooktop. Serve at the table. Hang it on your wall. Then hand it down to your grand-kids.

I worked on Field Company's cast iron skillet while contracting with Prime Studio in New York. It was a fun project to work on and to learn a lot about cast iron manufacturing techniques. Field company has made over $300,000 in just 10 days, exceeding their original goal of $30,000.  Find the Kickstarter campaign here.


MUJI'S TINY HOUSES by Juan Jimenez

"The three houses are called the hut of cork (that’s Morrison’s), the hut of aluminum (Grcic’s), and the hut of wood (Fukasawa’s). Each was made in the image of kyosho jutaku, the Japanese style of micro-homes that is at once bizarre in its aesthetic variability and pragmatic in its consideration for dense urban living. Kyosho jutaku homes in Tokyo include ones built onto a single parking space, and others that use a unique form—like stacked steel boxes that allow the facade to double as storage space."  -wired

Starlight Concept by Juan Jimenez

This concept was developed after Quirky was approached by a partner and asked to re-imagine what a multi-purpose lamp for kids could look like. After a little exploration, I began development on the Starlight concept. This lamp has 3 light modes: traditional lamp, night light,  and ceiling starlight. It can also play soothing music to help kids fall asleep.


Summer is coming to an end, so a few friends and myself thought it would be fun to bicycle to Flushing, NY for a day long food tour. We started our trip at Gantry Plaza State Park and rode out for the day. Here are a few highlights from the trip.

MY LATEST JAM by Juan Jimenez

I'm a huge fan of Chance The Rapper. His latest collaboration with Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment is called Surf. This is an incredible album. I can't stop listening to it.

MODU by Juan Jimenez

Modu is a furniture I designed and built during my Sophomore year at UH. The objective was to design a modular furniture system consisting of a single repeatable geometric shape. The inspiration for this concept was the brick wall outside the University of Houston architecture building. My mom still uses it in the living room.